Programme 2016


February’s Competition, a photo of a bird

  • Thursday January 14th;  Quarry Arts ‘Musical Rocks’ by Bobbie Millar. Competition; Decorative Stone. Hostesses S Raffo, V Howe, A Woodhouse
  • Thursday February 11th; First Aid & AED’s by Ken Creek. Competition; a Photograph of a bird. Hostesses A Finlay, T Jerrett, J Kennett
  • Thursday 10th March; Associated Country Women of the World by Rosie Szlumpet.  Competition: A Piece of Craftwork. Hostesses; B Glavin, K Seed, D Heelas
  • Thursday 14th April; Is there really No Business like Show Business by Andrew Macgill. Competition Theatre Memorabillia. Hostesses B Baker, M Kitchen, J Benson.
  • Thursday 12th May; Resolution Discussion Evening
    Thursday 9th June; Castle Life in 21st Century by Sir Thomas Ingilby. Competition A Photo or Picture of a Castle. Hostesses; S James, M O’Donnell, B Millar.
  • Thursday 14th July; Road Safety and Traffic Awareness by Fiona Ancell. Competition; A Road Safety Slogan. Hostesses; J Blake, G Harrison, S Harder.
  • Thursday 11th August; Outside Visit.
  • Thursday 8th September; Parsons Pie Stories by Revd. Trevor Vaughan. Competition; A Pie Funnel
  • Thursday 13th October; Cookery Fantastic Demonstration by Tanya Umpleby. Competition; a homemade biscuit.
  • Thursday 10th November; AGM and Social Evening
  • Thursday 8th December; Christmas Dinner
Keep calm WI

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